The Northampton County Fire School is commited to provide quality training to the county's emergency service personnel at little or no cost to the students directly by actively seeking course funding from outside sources. In doing so, the school is able to offer, in a working relationship with both the Northampton Community College and the Northampton County Emergency Management Services, trainning courses in all spectrums of emergency services.

    Courses currently being offered can be found by going to the side menu of this web site and clicking on the "SEARCH FOR SCHEDULED COURSES" link. There you can use the drop-down menu options to list "All Courses", courses under a specific grouping such as "All Fire", or even for a specific course. The information available will help you in choosing the course right for your needs. You will find that most courses offered are open to all emergency personnel and have online registration available. There are some courses which may be restricted requiring special online registration, along with certain testing and courses which require paper registration.

    To register for a course, click on the "STUDENT PORTAL" option located on the left side menu. Read the introduction and register as a student. Once registration is complete, you will recieve an email (usually within two to three minutes) containning your login information. Log into the portal, accept the two agreements specified once inside the portal, and you will be able to register for courses. If paper registration is necessary, you will be advised of that also.

    Thank you for training with us. We sincerely hope you have an enjoyable experience.
The following course syllabuses are available for download here:
2021 Spring IFSTA Essentials Level 1 through 3
2021 Spring IFSTA Essentials Level 4 with LIVE BURN
2021 Fall IFSTA Essentials Level 1 through 3
2021 Fall IFSTA Essentials Level 4 with LIVE BURN
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