Posted: 2023-08-25 ProBoard Exams Cancelled - Severe Flood Damage
The officers and personnel of the Northampton County Fire School made a decision on Wednesday August 23rd at the monthly business meeting to cancel the upcoming fall 2023 ProBoard Exams due to the severe flood damage from July 15th 2023 and the current health and safety issues it is still causing. As always, the health and safety of out students, faculty, and staff members are our primary concern. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for you.
Posted: 2022-12-06 New IFSTA 7 Essential Course Syllabuses For 2023
The new IFSTA 7 Essential Course Syllabuses For Spring and Fall 2023 classes are now available for download. Go to the "GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION" item located on the left hand menu of this website for more information and download links.
Posted: 2022-09-15 Student Portal 4.0 Is Now Active
The new "Student Portal 4.0" is now up and running. Remember, you will need a registered FEMA Student Identification Number in order to use the portal.

If you need one, use the link below to the "FEMA Student ID Program" to obtain one. There you can also retrieve it if you forgot it.

Please note that all parts of this portal contain directions and information to help you.
Posted: 2022-09-12 FEMA Student ID Required For New Student Portal 4
The Northampton County Fire School is pleased to announce the launching of its new "Student Portal 4.0" by the end of this week. An easier to use Student Registration System along with new security protocols tops the improvements. In an ongoing effort to protect our student's privacy against identify theft, all students accessing the "Student Portal 4.0" will be required to use their FEMA Student Identification Number as their unique identifier. This eliminates the need of sensitive identifiers such as a full Social Security Number.

All instructions needed for students to implement the use of FEMA Student Id are posted on the "Student Portal Important Information" Introduction Page.

If you have not obtained your FEMA Student ID, you can do so by clicking on the link located either at the bottom of the "Student Portal Important Information" Introduction Page or at the bottom of the NCFS Home Page.

If you need further assistance, please contact either Laurie Bush, Northampton Community College Office of Corporate & Public Safety by phone at (610)332-6434 or by email at lbush@northampton.edu, or you can contact the Northampton County Fire School Website Administrator directly by email at webadmin@ncfireschool.org. When emailing be sure to include your name, current email and telephone number along with the reason you are contacting us. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you.
Posted: 2022-08-02 New Course Numbers For Essentials - Please Read
Attention students,

The Northampton Community College just release to me the new course numbers for the Essentials of Firefighting program. They are as follows:

   FIR256: (ELIS)Introduction to the Fire Service (Mod I - Entry Level Fire Training)
   FIR257: (ELFG)Fire Ground Support (Mod II - Entry Level Fire Training)
   FIR258: (ELEF)Exterior Firefighter (Mod III - Entry Level Fire Training)
   FIR259: (ELIF)Interior Firefighter (Mod IV - Entry Level Fire Training)

If you already signed up for these classes under the old numbers, I converted them for you. These numbers will take effect with the "(ELFG)Fire Ground Support" class starting on Sunday, August 14, 2022. You DO NOT need to register again.

Please check your course history under the "Student Portal" to verify the changes have been made to your records. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me directly at duane.ninno@gmail.com. You must include the following information:
(1) Your Full Name;
(2) Your Email Address You Used When Registering for the Class;
(3) A Phone Number Where I Can Contact You If Needed.

Duane Ninno
Web Administrator
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